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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Aquatic Therapy is the Best!

by Chris Knudsen, DPT

The Rehab Center - Physical Therapy

What's so great about aquatic therapy?  It is simply the easiest way to exercise for people who are in pain.  Maybe you have avoided exercise because you were nervous or afraid of the pain you might get.  With aquatic therapy there is less to worry about.  It is not like land therapy.  Maybe you tried to exercise but you got tired too quickly and had to stop.  Has it been hard for you to exercise long enough to get any results?  Aquatic therapy is different.  Did you stop exercising because every time you did you noticed increased swelling in your feet or legs?  Here are six great things about aquatic therapy that might help convince you to try it.

1.  The relaxing effect of warm water.

The Rehab Center provides aquatic therapy at our clinics in Ephrata and New Holland, PA.  The water in each of these pools is kept at the optimal therapeutic temperature of 92 degrees.  This has the effect of softening stiff muscles and joints, improving blood flow, and improving range of motion.

2.  Decreased effects of gravity.

Being in water reduces the stressful effects of gravity on painful joints.  With the water at chest-level body weight is reduced by up to 80%.  This can increase the ability to exercise longer and get a more pain-free workout.  It also takes stress off of your joints, decreasing the normal wear and tear you might normally experience from land-based exercise.

3.  The strengthening properties of water resistance.
Water is a great environment to exercise in because it can provide resistance in all directions.  A full-body workout is more easily achieved, more muscles can be activated, and the resistance level can be controlled by the speed with which you move through the water.

4.  Edema control.

Exercising in water can help to control swelling.  The hydrostatic pressure of the water helps remove excess fluid from swollen feet and legs.  The deeper the water is the greater the hydrostatic pressure.

5.  Water Jet Massage. 

Everybody loves the water jet massage at the end of an aquatic therapy session.  The soothing feeling of fast-flowing water massaging sore muscles is a nice treat.

6.  The Under-water Treadmill

And finally, ask any of our aquatic therapy patients at The Rehab Center in New Holland and they will tell you the best thing about aquatic therapy is the under-water treadmill in our state-of-the-art Hydroworx pool.  Maybe it is time to try it for yourself.  Call your doctor and ask if aquatic therapy is right for you, then call The Rehab Center closest to you.


  1. Here is a testimonial from one of our recent patients in New Holland:

    I participated in aquatic therapy at the Rehab center in New Holland for several weeks. Aqua therapy takes the stress off all the joints in my body and allows me to exercise without pain making it enjoyable again. I feel like I could walk for miles on the pool treadmill!

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  3. I have been doing Aqua-Therapy at the Ephrata location since July, and I feel that I have gained a lot of strength back in the foot that I haven't used in almost a year. It takes the weight off of it, but still works the muscles, and it feels better than trying to do the exercises on land. I feel that I have greatly benefited from the Aqua-Therapy, and will continue to go to try and get my foot back to "normal" standards. The staff there is great, and I always feel like they are "on my team" working towards that better physical goal. Thank You Rehab Center of Ephrata!